Should or should you not join LPT Realty? #lptrealtyreview
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I was with a boutique broker, I was very good where I was, I made my sales, I got paid, that sort of thing, nothing too fancy. Up until I met the opportunity of a lifetime, and I really mean it. It only comes once, and if you miss it, you miss it. You have to be open to receive it.

I joined this new broker LPT realty based out of Orlando and they wanted to expand in Miami, Tampa, New York and so on, until they can go national and international.

I don’t get impressed easy, but the owner, he quite inspired me with this new concept on the brokerage. I could already see the future beyond his vision, definitely revolutionary, so I thought would be beneficial to write a quick lpt realty review.

A new concept, where realtors can benefit two ways: either join at 100% commission at $5k cap and $500 transaction fee, or build a team at 80/20 at $15k cap, earn stocks and RevShare. No monthly or desk fees. If you’re thinking this is like EXP (it’s 10 times better, we made sure of it, EXP icons are jumping on board like no tomorrow, and I’m not even joking) on top of that, now you can also carry your own brand, have your own office, if you have big volume in sales.

Now IMAGINE if you could’ve joined EXP in the first 6 months of the business, in their first 1000 agents, when they first launched. This is the type of opportunity I am talking about. We might be new but we’re definitely home runners.

Either one they chose, agents benefit from lots of free printing and marketing materials, advertising, training, mentorship, hotline, CRM($1,500/mo value), radio shows, bilboards, private jets, yachting, private events, you name it. I am so exciting moving forward, sometimes words can only say too much.

At the end of the day it’s all about building a community and helping one another. The moment one understands that, from that point forward it’s a no brainer, and at LPT Realty we make sure that happens.

LPT Realty just launched 5 months ago and we have close to 1000 agents soon. No agency were able to achieve that number that quick. And we did it all by just word of mouth. Imagine when we start to really advertise it, how much would that number grow, how much the stock could be worth?

You all know it, that this business is all about networking. “It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you”

Get out there, meet people, build relationships, and if you don’t like something or somebody - MOVE - you’re not a tree!

Peace and love,

Angela Andronache

Luxury Waterfront Advisor at LPT Realty | Miami FL | 305-306-0375 


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