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Angela Andronache

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Angela Andronache is featured in Miami Agents Magazine and selected as one of the 3 preferred partners in the entire state by “Middle-Class Money"- Podcast.

Angela Andronache comes from a country with a Guinness World Record for the "World's Largest Winery Underground", Republic of Moldova, nestled quietly within Eastern Europe between Romania & Ukraine.

With her father as an engineer and her mother as a professor and a businesswoman, Angela Andronache enhanced classic and essential principles to share. From a young age, Angela Andronache always tended to be successful.

With a background in Fine Art, a Bachelor's in Common Law, a Master's in Criminal Investigations, and a strong experience in Finance Negotiations, Angela Andronache learned how to connect, support, maintain, and deal with countless rejections pursuing over 10,000 international calls a month while working for SC. Media Directories SRL, in Romania. Since then, Angela Andronache achieved massive recognition and made great connections, building her international database.

At the age of 25, Angela Andronache took a significant step in her life, coming to the United States where she developed an immense passion for real estate.

Angela Andronache having a tremendous inclination for fine art, the luxury homes appear very fascinating and engaging for her. The craft behind each design and the accurate recognition of details are inspirations that feed Angela's creative mind, peace, and love, things that she aspires to and is excited to explore.

Hammering through demanding times, Angela Andronache learned how to build a selfless lusty personality with a delicate heart.

Angela Andronache started to assemble her real estate career with an astonishing mentor like Stacy Robins, who taught Angela a lot of remarkable lessons. As determined and assertive as Angela is, she had to move forward and expand her potential. Therefore Angela Andronache joined a respected Brokerage in Miami, FL that she could encounter and build a long-term connection of trust and honor.

Ancona Real Estate Inc. has a” CLIENT FIRST” philosophy that ensures that the needs of the clients are met in every stage of the sale or purchase process. The brokerage has a diverse international workforce that speaks many different languages where Angela Andronache fits perfectly in the equation.

Being a proven leader in the field, the brokerage's high-end clientele includes:

National celebrities,
Top executives,
Prominent CEOs,
Professional athletes,
Fortune 500 CEOs & other high ranking public figures.

The transition from Criminal Investigations, Financial Negotiation, and Marketing backgrounds makes Angela Andronache superior to the luxury real estate market because of her:

- Considerable International Database and connections she has built over years.
- Fearless approach on countless negotiations with a proven track of success (Criminal Investigation skills seems to come in handy.)
- Verified and advanced MARKETING TOOLS, knowledge, and competence.
- Elevated expertise in listening and understanding the exact needs of her clients.
- High appreciation to value as she understands the advantage of luxury investment behavior, privacy, and absolute confidentiality.
- Sturdy attitude towards her client's interests.
- Excitement for unlimited challenges, being prepared for resilient demands and expectations.
- Significant inclination for art, sports, healthy lifestyle, and joyful positive energy at all times.
- Gallant social interactions with only one priority in mind: “Building lifetime experiences with lifetime relationships”
- Her key area of expertise establishes in the South of Fifth, where she resides and understands it better than anyone else.

Angela Andronache, strives to become one of the top agents in Miami over the high-end market, within a few years of expertise.

ANCONA Real Estate Inc.
1666 Kennedy Causeway #200,
Miami Beach,
FL 33141

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